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How to Get Curly Hair? 5 Pro Tips for Fast Curls

For those without a natural curl pattern, the question of how to get curly hair can be a burdensome one. The first thing people think of to use is heat styling tools to get curly hair, but there are multiple ways to explore!

How to Get Curly Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Step #1: Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair according to your hair's needs.

If you have straight hair or hair that should be washed regularly, then start by washing your hair as normal. If you already have wavy or slightly curly hair, you won’t need to wash your hair as frequently, as curls dry out faster.

Avoid using heavy shampoos with ingredients including formaldehyde and parabens. They will dry out your hair and weigh the hair cuticles down. Instead, make a point of reading the ingredients label and choosing a moisturizing shampoo.

Step #2: Apply a Heat Protect Spray

No matter how you style your hair, a heat protectant spray should always be used when you use heat tools, including curling irons and hair dryers.

Step #3: Apply a Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is a great product to have and use when you are looking to add texture and volume to your hair.

Step #4: Blow Dry Your Hair

Use low heat when drying your hair

The first step in styling your curly hair is by using a blow dryer. If you have a diffuser attachment, use it. If not, then use your hand to diffuse the hot air to avoid heat damage. You will also want to use a heat protectant spray.

Take your time in drying your hair, after it’s air dried for some time.

Step #5: Shape Your Hair

Once you’ve begun to dry your hair, now it’s time to start building the shape. You can do this with rollers, but

How to Get Curly Hair for Men

Getting curly hair for guys is similar to women curling their hair. Wash your hair as normal, then dry your hair gently. Using a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer, scrunch your hair as you go.

Men will want to consider using a curl creme or hair mask to help create wavy hair and curls.

Other Ways to Get Curly Hair

Braid Your Hair

Braiding is a gentle way to curl hair with low effort

Braiding wet hair is one easy way to form wavy hair. The tighter the braids, the smaller the curls will be. There are also multiple ways to braid your hair to curl your hair in different ways.

Scrunch Your Hair

When you are blow drying your hair, encourage your hair to curl by scrunching the strands in an upward motion.

Hair Rollers

No-heat curlers are the best way for the least amount of damage

Hair rollers come in different options, including rollers for wet hair and rollers for dry hair. The best method is the no-heat method, so try using hair rollers that you simply roll strands of wet hair into and wait for them to dry. You typically will need to wait overnight for the curls to fully set.

Grab an Old T-Shirt

Cotton t-shirts are known to be a great alternative to traditional bath towels when it comes to hair. T-shirts are breathable and allow your hair to breathe and dry, while also avoiding the frizz and static that bath towels can create.

You can also use it to curl hair by creating a halo with it, then pinning hair to the shirt and rolling.

Create a Sock Bun

Taking an old sock, you’ll need to cut off the end of the sock (the toe end) and fold it to turn the sock into a fabric tube. After putting your hair in a ponytail, slip the ponytail through the sock tube.

Pull the sock tube to the end of your ponytail and gently tuck the ends of your hair under the tube. Then, simply begin to roll the tube away from you until it reaches the top of your head. When you do this with wet hair, the bun creates waves in your hair after it dries.

Twist Your Hair

This is a French tip where you take strands of your hair and twist them over one another. Then, gather these twisted strands into mini buns and let them sit for a minimum of six hours. Gently pull them apart, and then you have curly hair! (P.S. use your fingers to detangle, not a brush, to avoid frizzing).

Try Spoolies

Rollers were mentioned earlier, but Spoolies are a different type of hair roller. Spoolies create a beautiful natural curl without heat and are fit for any hair type. You only need to twist your hair into a Spoolie and then bend the roller. The longer the Spoolies stay in, the more compact your curls will be.

Plop Your Hair

This is by far one of the easiest ways how to get curly hair. After applying the styling products you want to use in your hair, take a t-shirt and simply wrap your hair with it. Leave the t-shirt overnight and sleep with it on your head, and you will have curls moisturized and ready.

Pin Curl

This method is a bit more time-consuming, but it is tried and true. Pin curling involves separating your hair into sections and hand twisting them. Take one or two of your fingers and a section of hair, then begin twisting upward, similar to a hair roller. Once you’ve formed a curl, pin it in place with bobby pins.


A diffuser helps to decrease damage while still drying your hair

If you already have natural curls or can classify your hair in one of the curly hair types, then you might want to invest in a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer. Those with natural curl patterns and defined curls who want to maintain luscious curls benefit most from a diffuser.

A diffuser spreads out the air coming from your hair dryer. This helps to reduce heat damage by drying damp hair slowly, which helps to maintain the hair’s natural texture and moisture.

Wash Your Hair Less

The more naturally curly your hair is, the less you need to wash it. Those with natural curls need to make sure not to wash too frequently, as they are more prone to dry skin on the scalp.

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Overusing a hair dryer will only lead to frizz and heat damage in your hair. Letting your hair dry naturally before styling can cut back on the heat damage, and allow your hair to hold the curl better.

Curling Iron

Use a heat protectant spray before applying direct heat

A curling iron is a go-to way to make your hair curly and within a reasonable amount of time (depending on how much hair you have). This is often the go-to option for people with straight hair because the heat curls their hair and keeps the curls in place. However, you will get better results when you use a curling iron after applying a curling creme to straight hair.

Choose the Right Haircut

If you have wavy hair that you want to be curlier, consider a shorter hairstyle. A shorter length will increase the volume because your hair will weigh less. Even a trim can create more volume in each hair cuticle!

Consider a Perm

Don’t scroll past this option just yet! Perms are not what they used to be back in the 80s and 90s. A perm will keep your hair curly without needing to worry about restyling it every morning or night. You can choose between a thermal or a chemical perm, also known as a hot or cold perm, and can last about six months.

How to Stylize Curly Hair

Twist Wet Hair With a Towel

When you step out of the shower, tilt your head down and flip your over to expose your neck. Wrap a towel starting from the back of your head, forward, and just twist the ends of the towel in one direction. Fold the twisted part over your head as you tilt your head back.

This method keeps water from dripping everywhere, while still drying your hair slowly with minimal damage.

Try Using a Wide-toothed Comb or Detangling Brush

Example of wide-tooth comb

Brushing your hair when it’s wet is often a big “no” because wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. However, if you must brush your hair to avoid knots and tangles after washing it, then remember to be gentle with your brush.

It’s also highly recommended to use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush instead of a standard hair brush.

Ask for a ‘feathered’ Cut at the Salon

Feathered haircuts help to take non-curly hair and transform them into subtle waves and curled ends. This type of haircut adds dimension and volume without sacrificing length.

Swap Out Other Hair Products for a Curl Creme

As mentioned before, using a curl creme will help to naturally curl your hair, whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, or even curly hair type. By using a curl creme before styling, your hair will be prepped with a product that will help keep your curls longer and produce smooth curls.

Use a Diffuser Attachment on Your Hairdryer

A diffuser is a lifesaver for anyone with even the slightest of bouncy curls. A diffuser will style your curls while spreading out the heat from the hair dryer, which helps reduce heat damage.

Use Anti-frizz Styling Products

Anti-frizz products come in cremes, sprays and more

Anti-frizz styling products in all types, including serums, sprays, and mousses. Each product will work differently in every hair type, person by person, but there are options out there for everyone. They help to combat humidity and keep curls in place without the need for a ton of hairspray.

Choose Light-hold Hairspray

A light-hold hairspray may not sound like it does a lot, but you will be surprised. Light hold hairspray does more because it won’t weigh your curls down. And if you use styling products as you work on your hair before the hairspray stage, your curls will stay all day.

Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment

There are multiple options for deep conditioning

Paired with a moisturizing shampoo, a conditioning treatment helps to protect your hair from breakage. These types of treatments are often in the form of a hair mask. There is a hair mask for every type of hair, including blonde, colored, extreme damage, and so on. You may also want to consider using a leave-in conditioner, especially when using styling tools.

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