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How to Get Slime Out of Hair: The Fastest Way to Remove Slime

Slime is a fun toy and relaxation tool for both adults and kids, but accidents happen, and you might encounter slime getting stuck in your kid’s hair.

Since slime is made out of mostly water- and water-soluble products, including Borax and Elmer’s glue, hot water is often enough to wash the slime out. But in more severe cases, the sticky goo and remaining residue could need force.

Slime can get stuck in everything, including human hair and clothing. But don’t reach for the scissors just yet, until you’ve tried out these tips on how to get slime out of hair first.

Supplies You’ll Need to Get All the Slime Out of Hair

Slime can be messy to remove from hair.

There are several supplies and options available to you to remove slime from a kids hair. If you don’t have all of these supplies on hand, don’t fret. Start with what you have in the house, and only buy what you want to try next if necessary.

  • Hot Water
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Peanut Butter
  • Mayonnaise
  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • Safety goggles

This might seem like half of your grocery shopping list, but even mayonnaise can help to pull that sticky slime out of hair! With any of these remedies, make sure to thoroughly wash their hair afterward to prevent any residue from sticking around. Fragrant shampoo and conditioner may be needed if you use mayonnaise or vinegar.

First Step to Removing the Slime

After you have gathered the supplies that you intend to use, the first step you will want to start with is removing slime by hand. By using your fingers, you will have the most control and be able to feel how far the slime has embedded itself.

Similar to chewing gum, any parent’s worst nightmare, slime can be a hassle to wrangle out of hair. So, you will want to remove the big globs of slime first before attempting to gently comb any more out.

Thoroughly search the head of hair for any signs of slime. Once you’ve located and removed the globs, a hot shower (or at least a warm shower) will help to remove additional particles.

Apply shampoo and use a generous amount to thoroughly clean the hair first. If, after washing their hair, you notice some slime sticking around, proceed to try the following tricks.

Child getting their hair washed.

How to Get Slime Out of Hair with Hair Conditioner

A hair conditioner is a great go-to remedy for getting most things out of hair as the conditioner makes hair slippery. Washing hair normally with the conditioner shampoo method can break down slime particles and easily remove it.

Before heading to the shower, however, make sure to remove any globs of the sticky mess. You don’t want to clog the drains with slime.

By conditioning their hair first, you add more moisture to the hair and then the hot water and shampoo do the rest. Let the warm water soak the hair first, and use a powerful setting on your shower head, if you have one available.

Apply conditioner to the wet hair, covering the remaining slime, and gently massage it into the scalp. Scrub small sections at a time to loosen all the excess slime.

Once the slime has come out, wash hair as normal with your regular shampoo. Now, if the slime refuses to come out, then you might want to try the next few tips.

How to Remove Slime from Hair Using Peanut Butter

Use smooth peanut butter only

“Won’t peanut butter just make it worse?” you’re probably wondering. Actually, the oil in peanut butter will make it easier to remove the smile!

Using a teaspoon of peanut butter at a time, take a comb and use it to work the peanut butter into the hair.

Once the peanut butter is in place, take your time washing and rinsing the hair. Or else they might smell like peanut butter for the rest of the day. Once the slime starts to give, it should easily start to come out.

How to Use Mayonnaise to Get Slime Out of Hair

Have you heard that tomato soup can help get rid of the smell of skunk spray? Well, you can also use mayo to remove slime from hair!

Mayonnaise also contains oils that will help to remove slime from a kid’s hair. Take a few spoonfuls (small or big spoon) and apply to the slimy hair.

Next, take a comb and use it to pull out all the slime, cleaning the hair as you work. Wash and rinse, and you’re done! You might want to use a pleasant fragranced shampoo to mask the mayo scent, though.

Mayo may smell a bit off in their hair, but the oils help to remove slime!

How to Get Slime Out of Hair with Oil

An oily substance is a great option for removing slime from your child’s hair. The oil will combat the slime while still gently removing the slime. Olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil or cooking oil, any of these can work.

Simply take a couple of teaspoons worth of the oil of your choice and spread it over the slimed hair. If you use coconut oil, you might need to gently warm it first to make it more spreadable.

Using a comb, work your way from the ends to the roots. This way, the slime won’t fight as much, preventing your child from feeling pain.

How to Get Slime Out of Hair Using Coke or Vinegar

Dilute the vinegar before using on hair

This is a more aggressive trick to remove slime, which can be more damaging to the hair. Coca-Cola isn’t recommended because the carbonating and sugar can dry hair out.

However, if you find you’ve tried everything and need a last resort, try diluted vinegar. Apple cider vinegar, to be exact, as it is used in hair care routines to promote hair growth. Goggles for your child are also recommended, to avoid getting vinegar in their eyes. Mixing the vinegar with warm water, you can create a hair rinse to push the slime out. This option is best saved for last in case of dried slime.

How to Remove Slime from Hair by Freezing it

If the warm water and fine-tooth comb methods aren’t cutting it, then you can try freezing the slime out. When you freeze slime, it will harden to the point that it cracks.

Grab your ice cube tray from the freezer and a few ice cubes from it. Take your ice cubes and apply them directly to the slime. Once the slime has chilled enough, you should be able to then comb it out.

How to Get Slime Out of Clothes

Slime can stain clothes, just like food and drinks!

Although this guide focuses on getting slime out of hair, slime can also get stuck and stain clothes.

Slimes are often made with food coloring that can easily stain clothing, furniture, and sometimes skin. So, aside from knowing how to get slime out of hair, what about clothes? First, remove any dried slime from the garment.

Cool water and oxygen-based cleaners are your go-to when working with a slime stain. Once you’ve used your cleaner as per the instructions, toss it in the washer with cool water.

If the cleaner doesn’t pull the slime out completely, try using dish soap and baking soda. The baking soda will help to pull any coloring out, while the soap cleans. Take the garment and gently rub the soap and baking soda into the fabric. Then, wash the garment as normal.

How to Remove Food Dye Stains

If the slime your kid was playing with contained some type of dye or coloring, then you might have color stains. Try using a color stripping shampoo to remove the color stains.

If the shampoo doesn’t quite cut it, then you can use rubbing alcohol. Using a paper towel or washcloth, dump a little rubbing alcohol onto the towel and wipe the hair down with the alcohol. Run the towel from root to end to prevent knotting the hair strands.

How to Prevent Needing to Get Slime Out of Hair

There are many types of slime, and that can be one way to prevent slime from staining and sticking.

Focus on either making or buying non sticky slime., such as “fluffy” slime. Most fluffy slime contains shaving cream, which is much easier to wash away and clean hair from.

Making your own DIY slime is also a better option, as you can make slime without glue. This makes the slime less likely to stick to hair. Removing the glue also makes the DIY slime safer for your kids to play with!

An example of what fluffy slime looks like

What Type of Slime Do These Home Remedies Work With?

These remedies work for most slime types, but mostly with the sticky slimes that are made from glues. These tricks will also work on the non-stick types of slime, but hopefully won’t be as needed with them.

Bottom Line and Final Thoughts

If you’ve gotten through the conditioner, then rinse, and massaged every inch of the scalp with no luck, then the scissors will most likely have to come out.

But hopefully, these tricks saved you from a visit to the hair salon and many tears!

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