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What Is Cowlick Hair? How to Get Rid of Your Cowlicks for Good

What is a Cowlick?

Are you familiar with the random bumps or waves in your hairline? Well, those are what are known as cowlicks. Cowlick hair are pieces or entire sections of hair that grow in a different pattern than the rest of your hair. This is often a stubborn piece of hair too that can be quite difficult to style and deal with every day.

To put it simply, a cowlick is a result of against-the-grain growth, or hair that grew in the opposite direction of the rest of the scalp. This happens when collagen fibers arrange themselves in a circular pattern on the scalp.

woman's hair

Whether you choose to hide it or get rid of a cowlick entirely, it is possible to resolve a cowlick permanently. However, many more men will find the process more difficult than women, as most women have longer locks.

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick Hair Style?

There are definitive ways to rid your hair of a cowlick once and for all. You don’t have to limit yourself to one style either! Getting rid of a cowlick most of the time just comes down to resetting the growth pattern of your tresses or styling the affected section enough to the point the cowlick naturally disappears.

There isn’t a precise time limit or estimate as to how long getting rid of a cowlick will take, but a professional can help you along the way, if necessary.

Choose the Right Type of Style

Choosing the right hairstyle will help to diminish the appearance of a cowlick. This can be as simple as growing your hair out, or even shortening it! It all depends on the location of the cowlick.

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For example, if your cowlick is located in your bangs, straightening your bangs or growing them out can decrease the natural appearance of the cowlick, Over time, the cowlick might not even return if you decide to cut your bangs, or cease straightening them.

Styling your hair also depends on hair types and your growth pattern. Straightening naturally curly hair can be a pain and may not be worth the effort, so maybe consider repositioning your hairline instead!

If choosing an entirely new style seems a bit daunting, a professional stylist can help you determine what would work best for you. But before dialing the salon’s phone number, consider your lifestyle and what you want out of this style change.

Also, remember that simply cutting the cowlick down will only make it stand out even more!

Use a Hair Dryer

hair dryer

Letting your hair air dry could actually be contributing to the formation of your cowlick! The benefit of using a blow dryer comes from being able to morph and shape your hair properly.

When paired with the right products, such as straightening sprays and hair spray, you can get the cowlick under control with less frustration. Also, using the right hair brush can help, including a round brush that can curl the cowlick into a more flattering shape.

Use the Right Type of Hair Product

When styling your hair to cover up a cowlick, you will always want to go with the firm and strong hold products. These include firm-hold hairsprays, hair gels, and mousses, among others.

hair product

Again, you will want to pay attention to the kind of hair types and styles you want to achieve. Straight, long hair will benefit more from mousse or gel, whereas shaggy hair will require clay. The point of using the right firm hair product is to ensure that the stray cowlick hairs won’t’ budge under any circumstances throughout your day.

Use Less Shampoo and More Conditioning Styling Products

shampoo and conditioner

Washing your hair less frequently is a common top when you want to want to add volume to hair, but less shampooing can also help with stubborn cowlicks! In general, the less shampoo you use, the better.

Washing hair with conventional shampoos often strips the hair of its natural oils, which makes the strands lighter. Lighter follicles mean that your cowlick will be more prominent. So, by washing your hair less frequently and using more conditioner, you will add weight to your hair and keep the cowlick at bay!

Let Your Hair Grow

As mentioned before about letting your hair air dry, your length can contribute to the severity of your cowlick. Shorter lengths tends to make a cowlick more prominent, making it stand out more.

Growing your hair out adds the weight necessary to reshaping your hair, pulling the cowlick down to be less prominent. When combined with blow drying and styling your hair, the cowlick will be easily hidden.

grow hair

Talk with Your Hair Stylist

When all else fails, or you’re just at a total loss, talk to a professional. Barbers and salon stylists will know precisely what styles and products are best for any and all hair types.

Do keep in mind that their time and effort will cost you, and they will recommend products that don’t come cheap either!

Stylists will be able to recommend the best course of action to neutralize a cowlick as well. Some strongly recommend a concentrator on your blow dryer, as it combines precision and heat, which allows you to reshape the affected section.

hair stylist

Frequently Asked Questions About Cowlick

Where Are Cowlicks Most Common?

The most common places for cowlicks to form include the crown of the head and the front hairline. This can show up as a section that stands straight up in the center of the head, or large lifts in the bangs.

These are the cases that call for drastic measures, such as reformatting how your tresses fall and rearranging the natural line.

Do People with Natural Hair Get Cowlicks?

Along with genetics, natural hair is especially prone to developing a cowlick. In fact, the more natural your hair is, the more prominent the cowlick can be!

However, in the case of having to shave your hair or making a drastic style change, the cowlick could easily disappear.

Does Everyone Get a Cowlick?

Yes, in a sense, everyone has a cowlick in one way or another. For some, it isn’t as prominent as others and may even appear like a natural wave. For others, the cowlick is far more prominent and outstanding.

natural hair

Are Cowlicks Genetic?

Yes, in most cases cowlicks are genetic. However, as mentioned earlier, almost every person has one in some way. Essentially, cowlicks form due to the follicles growing against the natural grain of the scalp and how the rest of your hair grows.

Do Cowlicks Happen More with Dry Hair or Wet Hair?

When an individual’s hair is dry, the cowlick will be more visible and more likely to form. Wetting the hair makes it easier to reset the strands to control the cowlick.

wet hair

Is a Cowlick Sexy or Could Be Attractive?

There are ways to style your locks along with your cowlick, as opposed to neutralizing the cowlick. There are quite a few celebrities that embrace their hair’s natural cowlick, including Tom Hardy, Zac Efron, and many more!

But at the end of the day, sexiness depends on confidence! If you are comfortable with your hair, cowlick and all, then the cowlick becomes just a part of the attractive person you naturally are.

If the cowlick wreaks havoc in the morning when you’re trying to finish getting ready for work or school, it might be time to consider a restyle. But don’t feel forced to get rid of a cowlick! You can absolutely learn to style with it with a bit of professional aid or trial and error.

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